ami Since 1993

We value honesty and transparency without compromise

Perfect solutions require not only human talent and skills but also the latest technology to shape your ideas.

A team of more than 75 highly qualified specialists in the fields of:

  • engineering, industrial design, production, logistics, marketing & technical consulting
  • 10 years working seniority on average in A&M

High-end technologies in the fields of digital printing, signage and in-store material production:

  • Using top manufacturing machines such as Durst, Epson, Mimaki, Mecanumeric, LVD, Zund and Trotec

A wide and versatile facility of over 3500 sqm:

  • Dedicated areas for digital printing, plastic, wood and metal production

Full service – from design to assembly:

  • Advice, design, production, packaging, installation and logistics

Enterprise resource planning system:

  • It gives us an integrated real-time view of our core business processes such as order processing, design, production, logistics and implementation in order to reduce production time and cost.